Planning to have adventurous experience in Borneo Island would be fascinating, challenging, yet confusing as well. As you might have ever heard, there are a lot of tourist destination variety in Borneo Island to fulfil your expectation, including the virgin rainforest habitat, endangered wildlife habitat, beautiful scenery of underwater world, up to panorama view of Borneo nature you cannot resist. That is why, ever since there are a lot of a must-visited tourist destination yet you do not have enough time to visit each destination, you need to make a list of priority about where to visit first. As if you want to observe the natural rainforest habitat where you can see wildlife or birds, you have to visit Sukau Rainforest Lodge. As if you want to experience new challenges, you need to write Danum Valley and Selingan Island down on the first place. It is also a must to visit Mount Kinabalu by having overnight tours there. Therefore, in order to create comfortable experience during the vacation, you need to research more about the condition on there.

The panorama view of Borneo nature Indonesia would never be boring ever since the amazement will always turn your adrenaline on. So, here is based-on-writer recommendation about the destination you have to visit in this third largest island in the world.

  • Sipadan Island and Langkayan Island

For those who need vitamin-sea, in maximum doses, of course, the underwater world provided by Sipadan Island and Langkayan Island should be put on the list of priority. These places offer best scenery during the diving you will never imagine before. Other than that, as Borneo is surrounding by the ocean, it would be great to enjoy the underwater world on both places.

  • Mount Kinabalu

Rather than lay around on your lodge to only observe the wildlife through the window, why do not your put yourself into the real adventure? Therefore, climb the peak stands at 4,095 m in tall is a must. However, prove that you are able to climb the highest peak between Papua New Guinea and Himalaya would be so satisfying, right? In the other hand, well-known as the place to capture the best sunrises, this place offers panorama view of Borneo nature breathtaking as well.

  • Sukau Rainforest Lodge

Of course, this highlight places should never be missed. This place has already recognized by National Geographic and crowned as a Unique Lodge, the best in the world. It is not only offers any view of wildlife or birds, but also become a fine showcase about what virgin rainforest habitat looks like. If you are lucky enough, you can meet any endangered wild species by chance, and no question about it, you want to extend your stay by then.

In the other hand, the panorama view offers by the Borneo Island not only consist of remarkable destination which mentioned above. Of course, there are various activities you can do, such as rafting in white water, riding an antique train you have never tried before, and also enjoy the pristine beach by cycling.