Glamping is an adventure that many people across the world love. It is fun and exciting. Glamping means camping in glamour. This means you are in a camp but have a glamorous accommodation outdoors. It is a fun adventure for both adults and kids. If you have not been on a glamping trip before, it is high time that you go in for one. You will love the fun and joy associated with it.

Beginner’s tips for glamping

Scott Jay Abraham is an industrial interior designer by profession and well-known in the USA for his work. He says that in his spare time he and his pet dog Shadow travel to places where people generally do not visit. These experiences are amazing and he comes back to share them on his blog. Travel and work are his passion. He says that he has been on many glamping adventures and each of them has been unique in their own ways. When it comes to glamping many people ask him where do they stay. They have several misconceptions when it comes to glamping and he has written a beginner’s guide to glamping on his blog for sharing tips and information on what to expect and where should they stay.

He states that when it comes to glamping many people are not sure on where to stay. He says that most of them have a misconception that they need to set up a tent and stay. For glamping there are glamsites that can either be free-standing, assembled or moved about with ease. These glamsites are not like a traditional accommodation. They can be located outdoors and they come with all the comfort. They have luxurious beds, electricity and bathrooms. The rates for these glamsites differ as per the facilities that are provided. They generally have glamorous beds, bathrooms, electricity and other features. You may look for the features that meet and match your needs.

He says some glamping sites are so beautiful that you will not even feel like returning back home. Being an interior designer, he often picks up his inspiration from these sites and uses them in his work.

Enjoy outdoor activities

The best part about glamping sites is that you get the chance to do lots of activities. These glamping sites are located in areas that have breath-taking scenic beauty. Some of the most exotic and beautiful glamping sites are located in the USA, Africa and Europe. Glamping is an adventure for people that look for a glorious adventure outdoors in the midst of nature. The key activities you can do on glamping are white water rafting, canoeing and hiking. The adventures are fun and if you have never been on a glamping adventure before ensure that you go for one and enjoy its unique experience, he says.

Scott Abraham is an avid back-packer and he loves nature. He says that whenever he gets the chance he and Shadow go out exploring the world. He adds that glamping has a number of health benefits as you are close to nature and can breathe the fresh air. You also can take a refreshing break from the monotonous schedule of life and relax for some days!