Clenbuterol is known as hottest slimming agent today. It is a steroid and normally bought by a prescription by asthmatic patients. This drug was initially used on livestock and poultry so that they yield more muscle mass and more meat within a small amount of time. Best place to order clenbuterol legally is online.

Working of clenbuterol and dosage

This drug works on a cycle of that will last 6 weeks, which has a on and off two weeks each, if this regime is not followed the results will be minimal. It like 2 in and 2 out (weeks/days).

Clen is usually started with 20mcg as beginners

  • Beginners for clen : men 40mcg
  • Beginners for clen : women 20mcg

The increase can be 20mcg every day to 80mcg. Men usually increase it to 120mcg.

Side effects of using clenbuterol

Many side effects are listed and not all of them may occur to the same person and perhaps not together. Headaches, cramps, palpitations, nausea, insomnia, hypertension, sweating, increased appetite, nervousness, muscular tremors and possible cardiac hypertrophy.

The availability of clen in Asian and African users

Steroid laws vary from country to country. In most countries it is a banned drug whereas in some countries it is a controlled drug. However online procurement of clen has made it easy for users all across the world to have an access to it and user for their fitness regimen. Clen isn’t meant to sold without a prescription as it is a highly potent drug and land pharmacies donor sell it over the counter without the doctors note. When athletes and body builders came to know the benefits of using clen, they found other means of procuring it and many underground labs and unscrupulous pedlars made a lot of bucks because there was a lot of demand for clen. But now online pharmacies which are authentically supplying clen under various brand names are available for usage. Best place to order clenbuterol legally is to ship it.

Since it is a performance enhancing drug, it is banned from all sporting events though athletes continue to use it. In Asia the illegal possession of drugs is taken very seriously involving harsh punishments including rigorous imprisonment. Most of clen that is used all over the world is manufactured in China where it is legal for consumption but not allowed to be used in animals for consumption, it is shipped to various countries under its brand name.

The Asian and African countries have the dilemma of constant change in the regulations regarding drugs and keeping up with these changes is very difficult. Though other manufacture clen, Chinese clen is way cheaper to procure and use so half the world is hooked on to the Chinese clen for use. Though people may find the different in the quality, but it what you pay for. The procurement of clen is largely through black market, as it also a banned substance. Since online purchases have come by, little authenticity has crept in and now you can at least have clen in most places where is political instability.