Running a small business from your kitchen table or a dedicated room of your house can be hard. Your business operations will often extend past this space and result in papers on your sofa or products lying around the house creating a mess and a hazard for anyone walking around. People who find themselves in these situations will often consider renting office space, but this can be very expensive. You also generally have to commit to a set number of months or a year before you can get the space.

An alternative for small business owners can be a 200 to 300 square foot storage unit which can be used as an office space. These units provide the space that you need but will be a fraction of the price of an office. If you look up local ‘storage units near me‘ searches then you may also find great offers with greater flexibility in terms of the time you have to commit to.

Running an Online Business

Many people who run an online business will have a lot of products that they need to store. These products can take up a lot of space and unless you have a dedicated room in your home for them, they can create chaos in your home. People who run online businesses will also have other materials that they need such as packaging materials which can also take up a lot of space.

Renting a storage unit is ideal for these businesses as they act as a miniature warehouse for a fraction of the price. It is also possible to use these units to complete your daily operations if you have a small or medium-sized business. The unit can become your own fulfilmentcentre which can make running your business much easier.

Running a Service Business

There are a lot of traders such as carpenters and plumbers who use storage units as the base for their business. The units provide them with a secure location to store their tools and other materials that are needed for their jobs. Traders who have bulky tools which are not used all the time can also benefit from a storage unit. The valuable tools of their trade can also be stored in the unit instead of in their vehicles.

Large supplies which are regularly needed can also be stored in their storage units. A carpenter who uses different types of wood will be able to store their wood supplies in the unit instead of in their home. Additionally, leaving these items in their vehicles is not ideal because they will be at risk and will take up space that they need for other tools and items.

Running an Independent High Street Store

If you have looked at renting a high street store, you will notice that the rental prices are very high and the stores are becoming smaller. This is why independent retailers should look at using a storage unit to maximize their floor space. Retailers can store excess stock and supplies in the unit which allows them to use as much of their floor space as possible. When they have more floor space, they can display more of their goods which can result in more sales.

There are many different businesses that benefit from using a storage unit. There are many benefits to these units that you need to consider including the fact that some will accept deliveries for you. This means that you do not have to get stock delivered to your home and then transport it to the storage unit. Storage facilities also offer you more flexibility than office locations.

Self-storage facilities will generally have rolling contracts which give you the opportunity to end your tenancy when you need to. They will also have different sized units so that you can choose the one that suits your needs.