Seasons in Malibu has designed an pioneering and advanced method of treating Alcoholism and Drug abuse with a systematic approach inclusive of each client’s needs. Luxury drug rehab care uses specialized methods which are tried and tested to ensure the client’s speedy and successive recovery. It is a combination of medical, scientific and holistic modalities.  The rehab care provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol-non-12-step rehab treatment program. The program is bound to work with each individual because of its flexibility to assess the underlying causes and ergo, it develops a plan for treatment and aftercare accordingly.


  • advance + innovative way of treating Alcoholism and drug abuse with specialized tried and true methods with the scope of including individual needs
  • mix of latest medical, holistic and scientific modalities
  • it provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol non-12-step rehab treatment program
  • Systematic approach works with each individual as it is flexible enough to assess underlying causes, and to develop a plan for treatment and aftercare


Luxury drug rehab care aims at giving its client a full and successful recovery so that they can lead a healthy and happy life. In order to make sure that the treatment is successful, they conduct a medical assessment on the client to gain an insight about their current health. If the client is in need of a medical detoxification, they will be kept under the observation of highly credited addiction specialists to make sure that it is an accomplishment for the client.

If the client does not require a medical detoxification, they will be admitted to the facility and a customized treatment program will be devised to cater the issues faced by him/her. Group meetings will encourage the client to open up about his/her ordeal and experience which will help him/her connect with fellow members creating Luxury drug rehab care an empathetic environment where they feel comfortable opening up. Moreover, quarter alumni meetings are held there to inspire them and make them optimistic about their future. With the serene Malibu beach and its wonderful weather at their disposal, the client’s will be encouraged to engage with fellow members and carry out recreational activities like playing outdoor games and more.


The most crucial part in the entity of this program is post care of the client. Luxury drug rehab care makes sure that family members play a significant role throughout the course of the treatment. Family members will be kept abreast of the client’s condition and his/her improvement/decline. Another crucial reason for their involvement is that they can provide some information about the client’s predisposition so that the concerned therapists make a note of it while devising the treatment and make sure that such triggers are kept at bay. It is seen that post treatment, maintaining sobriety is a challenge for the client as well as family members. In order to reduce the chances of relapse, a specific support system educates the family about how to handle the client and check for early signs of relapse.