According to Samantha Pouls, the future of filmmaking is blurred. In contrast to the films that have been produced in the past, today’s films have a lot of features that make them undesirable. The movies being produced currently are giving a bad image to the movie industry raising concerns of where the industry is heading.

The movie industry occupies a significant niche in the entertainment industry. However, the current film makers according to Samantha are more in pursuit of personal goals rather than the ultimate goal of providing fun and entertainment to the viewer. Films are being produced with difficult plots that can hardly be understood or grasped by the viewer. Most films today have a lot of irrelevant material and even sometimes deviate from the plot. The sceneries on which these movies are shot are dangerous and more horrific for the viewer and therefore less entertaining. The decline in the quality of movies being produced raises a lot of concern and the reality that this could lead to the ultimate decline of the robustness of the movie industry is what Samantha can’t imagine.

Whether it’s the desire to change from the current trends or being too ambitious, nothing can justify the production of bad films that can be witnessed today. Although it is essential for filmmakers to apply the knowledge they have learnt in school in production of movies,they ought to also understand that producing a film is not a theoretical process but rather a handy process which should pragmatically entertain the consumer or viewer to the fullest. The movie industry has a market, the viewer, and if the viewers whom the movie is intended for are not pleased with the films, they will end up opting for other forms of entertainment, which is precarious to the movie industry.

The films being produced today are not any promising. Rather than be creative and original, with the knowledge that times have changed, most film students are producing films that based past ideas. The ideas propagated and scenes presented are clearly those of past great film makers. Today’s film makers have got it all wrong that by bringing back these films, they will as equally win the favor of the viewers. This is however not the case. Film makers need be original and produce new works that are beyond the imagination of any human being. They need to be patient and not be overly-ambitious. Greatness is not sought, it brings itself in the most unexpected and unthinkable ways. It is upon every player and stakeholder to preserve the prestige and reputation of the movie industry as Samantha Pouls holds.