Australia has long been known as a top destination for motorhome travel. Taking to the road is a tradition that has been carried on for many generations, with thousands of native Australians and visitors taking up journeys each year. This country is perfect for road trips, featuring many thousands of miles of scenic wilderness and a variety of different landscapes to choose from. This demand means that there are dozens of great options for renting a campervan hire in Australia. So if you are planning a road trip then check out these top five manufacturers to choose from.

Adria Motorhomes

Adria motorhomes is one of the most recognized brands in Australia when it comes to motorhomes, featuring on of the largest ranges of campervans and motorhomes on the Australian market. Adria manufactures a wide selection of different vehicles from large rigs that can accommodate an entire family to small setups fit for one traveler. The price range is also diverse. Big spenders can find high quality vehicles with a range of amenities, while budget travelers will find less expensive rigs of equal quality but fewer amenities. Adria has long been known as a high quality, high profile manufacturer with an impressive line of vehicles fully equipped to handle the tough Australian roadways.


Talvor is one of the most popular brands in the country when it comes to motorhomes and is known to be amongst the most innovative. This trend setting company has continually shaped the Australian motorhome market with incredibly innovative and ahead of the curve designs. The sheer amount of floor plans available from Talvor should give customers an indication that they can find absolutely anything they are looking for when dealing with Talvor, from innovative and efficient smaller rigs to large scale vehicles with incredible amenities and space enough space for the entire family.

Sunliner Motorhomes

Sunliner is known for their striking finishes and compelling designs. This company is focused on comfort, offering vehicles that provide all of the amenities of home for traveling families. Sunliner is also known for safety, offering some of the proven safest motorhomes on the Australian market. These motorhomes don’t skimp on design either, offering their own aesthetic that differs from the pack with its focus on innovate and inconvenience setup designs. One of the main aspects that sets Sunliner apart from other brands is the custom interior design package that is supplied with every vehicle. Sunliner believes that traveling is a lifestyle, but that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort in order to live it.

Colorado Caravans

With 15 years of manufacturing experience, Colorado Caravans is a fast growing up and comer on the Australian motor home scene. Based in the New South Wales, this company is known for their rapidly expanding catalog of vehicles, offering a large number of standard layouts along with a growing list of extras. For campers looking to rent or purchase a basic model for a reasonable price, then to add the optional extras they need to meet their individual preferences, these caravans are a great option due to the wide range of standard models on offer and the list of extras that can be added. When it comes to price and additions, Colorado Caravans should certainly be kept in mind.

Royal Flair Caravans

Since they were established in 1975, Royal Flair Caravans have been offering its impressive range of caravans to Australian travelers. One of the distinguishing features of Royal Flair is the impressive range of models marketed to beginners. These models are smaller and more standard than their larger rigs but are known to be of fine quality. A wide range of add-ons is also available, meaning campers can save money by renting a smaller model and simply adding the amenities they need. This isn’t to say that Royal Flair slacks on larger custom vehicles. There are a number of large rigs available that will not only fit the entire family but also offer all the comforts and amenities of home. It is this duality that has made Royal Flair Caravans consistently one of the top motorhome manufacturers for road trippers in Australia.

From the expansive outback regions to the golden beaches to the mountain ranges to the forests to the urban areas, there is really no place like Australia for taking to the open road. The sheer amount of activities and breathtaking scenery have long made this country a beloved spot for backpackers and caravaners. Australia isn’t only for the locals either. A large quantity of visitors come through each year to experience the joys of the roadways. This demand has opened up a large market for motorhome manufacturers, allowing travelers to choose from a wide range of vehicles across a number of different companies. Before taking to the road, make sure to do your research and find the vehicle that will perfectly suit your travel needs.