Travel insurance is an insurance that is arranged to cover travel related emergencies and expenses. It includes different types of covers such as medical expenses, cancellation insurance and flight insurances.

You can book travel insurances at the time when you are booking your trip or you can buy the same sometime before you depart for your destination. In case a person suffers from a pre-existing medical situation, you need to book the insurance immediately. The age and number of travellers plus the cost of the trip can be used to calculate the cost of insurance. All the travel insurance services are available 24*7.

Travel insurance plans include the following types of risks

  •        Medical Crisis
  •        Trip cancellation and intervention
  •        Waiting or travel delays due to poor weather
  •        Missed airline schedule
  •        Lost or delayed luggage, documents and certificates
  •        Pre-existing medical conditions such as cancer, asthma, and diabetes
  •        Sports insurance which can be availed when risky games such as skydiving and surfing on the deep water waves.

Travel insurance for over 50s

Ageing should not debar the elderlies from travelling. All the mature men and women have an equal right to explore the world. Statistics report that those above 50s and the retired age groups are planning more vacations –both domestically and internationally.

If you are young at heart, you can travel overseas and enjoy a wide variety of adventurous sports such as skiing, rafting, mountaineering and snowboarding.

Travel Insurance

Agencies that provide travel insurance for over 50s

Direct Line: Maximum citizens above the age of 50 book their trip using direct line. There are no age boundaries; however those above 60 can have a maximum trip of about 42 days. All the medical conditions must be pre checked and disclosed before buying the Direct Line travel insurance.

Benefits with Direct Line:

  •        Loss of personal documents and passport
  •        Delayed flights
  •        Short-cutting journeys
  •        Coping with disasters
  •        Tracking of luggage

Book with direct line and enjoy the best holidays or vacations even when you are above 50.

ASDA Money: UK residents between the age of fifty and eight get guaranteed acceptance. All the clearances are fixed and do not change. Travellers are offered a gift voucher worth £30 as soon as the plan starts. Funeral benefit option is also available and an extra discount of 10% is given at funerals.

50 plus Insurance Services: It provides the best travel insurance for over 50s at economical prices. There are two types of trip policies:

Single trip policy: For travellers who are up to 85 years of age.

Multi-trip policy: Cover for persons up to 75 years of age. 45 days trip is available for individuals up to 70 years of age. Those between 71-75 years of age can avail a trip of 31 days.

Emergency helpline numbers are available for 24 hours a day. You can call anytime and know the details as per your choice.

Age UK: Age UK offers travel insurance for over 50s, 60s, 70s, and even 80s clearly indicating age is no obstacle if you want to travel.


  •        Free insurance for children that are under 18
  •        Discounts for a group of ten or more travelling in United Kingdom.
  •        Cover for loss of legal and confidential documents
  •        Premium for thefts and losses
  •        Medical facility up to £ 10 million