Are you planning to showcase your business awards, bowling or golf trophies, protect collectibles, personal treasures, sports awards or trophies? Trophy cases are not meant only for schools or offices. In fact, there are cabinets, furniture and lots more available in variety of styles and sizes to complement the collection. Thus, selecting an appropriate trophy matching your furnishing is recommended as there are models suitable for home, business, storage, commercial display or retail merchandising.

Features and Material

This is the same as buying any other furniture. There are trophy cases now coming in variety of materials, designs, styles and sizes. They may be as chrome trophy cases, oak display cabinets, tempered glass cases and acrylic cases. These feature lights to illuminate the trophies, while there are cases without lights. In fact, decorative glass cases feature wood or marble bases. However, if you are going to place your trophy case in some public place, it must be a lockable case to secure your trophies. Some of these cases feature mirror backing, accents, storage drawers and fabric backing.

Select appropriate Size

Choosing an appropriate size is based on the location you wish to place the display case. If you have small space or space issue, fit trophy cases in room corners. In case you wish to display few items, consider a countertop small display case suitable for medals or trophies. There are cases featuring shelves, buy that fits your needs. You can choose cabinet style cases that provide many shelves or museum style cases providing a glass top and one horizontal shelf. The sizes may be considered as per requirement, though there are pedestal display cases featuring underneath cabinet or large cases featuring shelves.

Standing or wall mount

Cases for trophy are common. However, standing trophy cases are useful to hold more trophies, but also require adequate space. There are small cases referred to as counter cases and they at the most offer two shelves. There are also wide and tall cases suitable for tall and large spaces, while smaller spaces can accommodate thin cases depending on the needs. However, to add decorative flair, consider curio cabinets. Though the standing cases are customary, if you lack space and want to display your medals or trophies, a good option is the wall mount case.  These include just one or two shelves and do not hold as standing cases. There are glass and wooden mount cases featuring adjustable shelves and hinged easy to open doors creating the right space required. The wall mount cases feature reflective mirror backing.

The modern trophy cases feature high security retail cabinets that can be wall mounted. There are also pedestal gallery style showcases. There are cases featuring tempered glass and this provides superior safety and perfect visibility. Normally, built-in lighting is common offering to illuminate.

Purchasing a proper case to display trophies can be challenging, but considering the purpose, the location and the contents intended, ensure meeting the rationale. Nowadays, the locking models also come in preferred versions, but buying a sturdy material is recommended so that it lasts for a longer time.