Arguably, you will be interested About UVJF 2017 if you’re jazz lover who want to enjoy more about the beauty of jazz rhythm. UVJF stands for Ubud Village Jazz Festival. This is a jazz festival held annually in Ubud. Here you can enjoy jazz concerts with beautiful rhythms from renowned composers around the world. Especially at the International Jazz Festival that being held in August 2017, there will be some famous composers who are ready to bring to you the composition of jazz music that touches the soul.In addition to the renowned composers, the event will also feature jazz music compositions from Indonesian composers.

At this event, you will enjoy jazz along with the artistic atmosphere around Ubud village. The series of events that will be presented in this event will be perfect to accompany your vacation, especially for those of you who are traveling in Bali. By the time you have enjoyed the natural artistic beauty of Bali, combine with the beauty of jazz music will give you the most classic romantic atmosphere you ever feel.Therefore, vacationing with travel to Bali, as well as participating in UVJF, is undoubtedly the perfect blend to enjoy your time.Actually, there are facts About UVJF 2017 eventwhich may be very interesting for you to know.

  1. Begin With The Idea of Community Concert

UVJF originally came from an idea to create a community of concerts. At first, this idea arose from the efforts of Yuri Mahatma and AnomDarsana. With this initial idea, UVJF then gained support from many art communities, which can then be held in Ubud, a unique village in Bali.

  1. Is being First Held At 2013

Initially, the effort to establish the UVJF seed community was started from 2010. However, the idea to realize the concert community was matured in 2012. Furthermore, in 2013, UVJF was first held as a small festival but can bringing and arouse the warmth and the beauty of jazz music.

  1. Rely on Small Group of Volunteers

At the beginning of its appearance, the event can be held by depending on a small number of volunteers. However, as time passes and the enlargement of this event, there are now over 1,000 volunteers driving this event.For organizing funds, UVJF relies on sponsorships, ticket sales, merchandise, and booth rentals.

  1. Facilitate Workshops of National Jazz Educator

UVJF is not only as a music platform for the national composer’s community, but also a place as well as educational facilities for nationaleducators of jazz music.Here not only that, UVJF also as a show to bring a smile to the faces of many people regardless of age, wealth, and ability.

That is About UVJF 2017 Baliyou need to know which can increase understanding about this event. By supporting this event, you can support the continuity of jazz music to be enjoyed by people all over the world. In addition, you will also get many benefits by participating in this event. Therefore, it would not hurt if you stop by to participate in this international jazz event during your vacation in Bali.