Also recognized as Stanozolol, Winstrol is an anabolic steroid which was manufactured by Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962. This medication is also famous as Winnyand it was formerly suggested for treating angioedema and to treat anemic patients for its capability to improve the production of red blood cells. Nowadays, it is highly preferred as a performance improving drug. This medication doesn’t aromatize like other medications which lower the chances of side effects. Additionally, you won’t experience any estrogenic side effect with this anabolic steroid which is why it is safe for people of both the sexes. You will find this medication in dual forms; the oral form and the injectable form.

This anabolic steroid is designed to imitate the impacts of testosterone and it is highly effectual in treating the levels of low testosterone in men and hypogonadism. This medication is also identified as a veterinary steroid which is why it is a widespread compound among the veterinarians too. Like other anabolic steroids, this medication supplies countless benefits to people who take it for augmenting their physical strength. It is utilized more in cutting cycles and in this phase; users do not achieve huge growth in muscles related to size but define their physique. The injectable form of this medication is called Winstrol Depot and both the forms are equally beneficial.

Effective dosages

To serve a therapeutic purpose, a male should take this medication in oral dosages of 6mg in 2mg thrice daily. Females ought to administer 4mg in a couple of 2mg dosages per day. If women do not notice any virilization sign, they may take up to 6mg daily. The injectable form should be taken at 50mg every 2-3 weeks and it is applicable for both the sexes. For performance purpose, a usual dosage of this medication falls in the range of 25-50mg daily. A bodybuilder should take a 50mg dosage of either of the forms and it is a pretty effectual dosage. Sometimes, they take a higher dosage like 100mg too.

Irrespective of the purpose for which a male takes this medication, his total intake should always in the range of 6-8 weeks only. A female performance athlete should take the oral form in a dosage of 5mg daily. However, there are some women who could tolerate a dosage of 10mg daily perfectly well. A woman should try a 10mg dosage only when she has managed to escape unscratched with a dosage of 5mg daily. Women too should take this compound for 4-6 weeks only.

Few things to remember

Users find this medication excessively easy to stack and particularly when taken in combination with testosterone. Additionally, it stacks fine with the testosterone esters that include propionate, enanthate and cypionate. For minimizing the dangers of estrogenic side effects, users habitually combine it with non-aromatizing steroids. When you wish to take this compound, you must make a comparison between various dosage recommendations supplied by different steroid promoters as well as bodybuilding websites beforehand. Remember that not all dosing recommendations are safer for a novice user. This medication is effective for the animals too, like it is for humans, the reason why it is identified as a veterinary steroidtoo.